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Tel: 087 702 8418
Fax: 086 518 0063

About Amangwe Mahle Transport

Amangwe Mahle Transport is a Johannesburg based Transport Company committed to providing excellence service in client.
Amangwe Mahle Transport has the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison.
The ultimate in Courier Business and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of Amangwe Mahle Transport.

Resources and Availability

Other resources of Amangwe Mahle Transport include a professionally configured office Environment. Multimedia compatible computer hardware, with the latest software and 4 tone Panel van. Zakhele is the Founder of the Amangwe Mahle transport and is widely acknowledged as one of Experienced Truck drivers. He has been in the transport industry for 14 years, driving locally and internationally.

Amangwe Mahle Transport is a growing and developing into a broad based company that specializes in transporting all types of Products /goods, non-refrigerated from one point to another, within the South African borders. We are a hardworking group of individuals and pride ourselves in going the extra mile in helping our suppliers / customers to ensure that we meet their expectations at all costs.

As Amangwe Mahle Transport we confirm that we are a viable business, have a good financial backing and can offer our customers the service they deserve. I will provide all documentation for the company. We are requesting for the list of the products / goods, you are supplying for us to submit in GIT Insurance .

Services we provide to our Suppliers:

  • Facilitate the needs of the customer in all aspects.
  • Ensure safety and care of the products / goods while in transit.
  • Strive on time delivery of the products / goods.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • 24 hour service;
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    Physical Address:
    86 Van Hulstevn street , Kenilworth , Johannesburg
    South Africa

    Tel: 087 702 8418
    Fax: 086 518 0063